Next Level Mobile App Development in Los Angeles

Bring your customers a mobile app that offers convenience, quality, and functionality. Be one of the best in Los Angeles, with next level mobile app development from our expert team.

We’re Bringing Expert Mobile App Development to Los Angeles

As a tech hub, Los Angeles is home to many innovative businesses. But, in order to keep up with the competition, your business needs to stand out. Fortunately, we offer several mobile app development services that combine outstanding user experience with high functionality to boost your customer experience and encourage repeat users. With our expert mobile app development, you can provide a user experience that elevates you above your LA rivals.

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Mobile App Design

Elevate your user experience with user-focused mobile app design that represents the cutting-edge of technology. Our team of designers are experienced in creating sleek concepts that follow proper usability principles. You won’t need to worry about losing customers due to poor user experience any more because when you choose Idea Maker, you choose quality.

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Mobile App Development

From AI-integrated eCommerce apps to aviation marketing platforms, we offer versatile mobile app development services. Our team leverages its vast knowledge of app development to bring you secure mobile applications with feature-rich functionality. Plus, as a bespoke agency, we’re able to build unique features from scratch, giving your app an edge on competitors.

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Mobile App Updates

If your existing mobile app is dated or failing to function correctly, we can offer mobile app services to bring it up to speed, including full-scale security updates, framework enhancements, and new feature integration. Once we’ve updated your app, it’ll work like new, maintaining a solid, secure, and modern user experience.

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Cross-Platform Mobile Apps

Reach a wider audience of users with cross-platform mobile apps and save money while doing so. By using intelligent cross-platform frameworks, our expert team can build two mobile apps for iOS and Android using only one codebase. This will essentially give you two apps for the price of one, and also help you retain native functionality.

Our User-Focused Mobile App Solutions Are Boosting Los Angeles

Our team of experienced mobile app developers offer several expert services, from progressive web app (PWA) development to post-release support options. Whatever service you’re after, we put your users at the center of the experience, encouraging them to keep returning for more. So, boost your repeat business with an outstanding app from our dedicated team.

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Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps (PWAs) allow you to provide a cohesive experience across devices and platforms. At Idea Maker, we are dedicated to providing PWAs that marry branding, mobile functionality, and user experience. Forget about branding inconsistencies and difficult deployment across platforms with PWAs from our expert team.

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AI Integration

Artificial intelligence has taken the world by storm and is quickly being integrated into businesses throughout the area. You don’t want to fall behind the competition, which means you need AI integration. Our AI integration services help to connect cutting edge models, like GPT-4 and Claude, with your existing mobile app to catapult your business into the future.

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Responsive UI/UX Design

Poor user interface design is one of the leading causes of high user bounce rates. By leveraging our knowledge of proper usability principles, our team develops mobile apps that retain user interest. With intuitive interactive elements, logical navigation, and pleasing aesthetics, you no longer need to worry about losing users due to poor UI/UX design.

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Ongoing Maintenance

Because we firmly believe that ongoing maintenance is an essential component of any development project, we provide affordable post-release support options to keep your mobile app working smoothly throughout its lifecycle. From basic uptime monitoring packages to full-scale support options, our team offers it all.

The Tech That Powers Our Bespoke Software Solutions

For our primary tech stack, we utilize a versatile set of technologies to ensure businesses throughout Los Angeles have access to modern and highly stable bespoke software. However, with our broad development knowledge, we are also capable of leveraging additional technologies if needed.

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For front-end development, we generally use Django, a framework based on Python, which is one of the most popular programming languages among top developers.

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We also use JavaScript, a core web technology, to ensure smooth front-end development.

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PostgreSQL is a database management system that we use, thanks to its ability to effectively handle complex entries.

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Digital Ocean

To host our development projects, we typically use DigitalOcean due to its easily scalable nature. However, we’re also happy to use another cloud hosting provider if you prefer.

The Los Angeles Software Company You Need

With a deep passion for helping local businesses reach their full potential, Idea Maker has secured itself as a top Los Angeles software company.. From our dedicated team to our vast knowledge and expertise, find out why Idea Maker is the best choice for your business.

Expert Developers

Experienced in all areas of development, including artificial intelligence, our team has completed projects for local business across a variety of industries. Our experts have also worked together for many years, ensuring a hassle-free development process based on communication and teamwork. Additionally, at Idea Maker, we are committed to working closely with our clients to deliver solutions perfectly tailored to their needs.

Reliable and Cost-Effective

Since our founding in 2016, we’ve accrued a diverse portfolio, successfully delivering more than 50 development projects to our satisfied clients. We strive to form collaborative partnerships with our clients and take extra care to fully understand each project’s requirements. This way, we can tailor our services to your business, recommending the appropriate functionality for your unique needs and your budget.

Experience in Diverse Industries

We have developed and delivered bespoke software solutions for businesses in nearly every industry, from real estate to finance. Thanks to this vast experience, we can confidently handle any project or requirements thrown at us.

Proven Track Record

With an average rating of five stars on both Clutch and Google, we have a proven track record of providing expert development services that yield exceptional results. No matter what your requirements may be, you can count on Idea Maker to develop a high-quality solution that will set your business apart from the competition.

The Development Process That Streamlines Software Delivery

For the last decade, we’ve worked to refine our development process, offering a streamlined means of delivering state-of-the-art solutions. Known as The Four Pillars of Development, our improved process prioritizes quality and accuracy, even after a project’s deployment.

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The process begins with an in-depth consultation that’s aimed at fully understanding the overall vision of your project. For this, we work closely with you to gain insight into your business and address your requirements, limitations and expectations.ents and gain insight into your business so we can properly address your project needs and expectations.

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After learning about your business and project, we then focus on thoroughly researching the market. During this stage of development, we seek to understand your customers’ preferences, as well as any regulatory requirements we need to follow. This ultimately enables us to build software that rivals your competitors.

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Once we’ve fully grasped both your project and market, we set about designing your solution, marrying proper usability principles and functionality with your brand. As part of this stage, our expert designers leverage practical yet visually stunning concepts to create a seamless and appealing user experience.

Location Step 4


When you’re pleased with the design, we can then begin the actual development of the project. Here, we utilize our development expertise and impressive tech stack to build your solution to the highest possible standards, adhering to any industry regulations and ensuring a smooth user experience.

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Quality Assurance

We take an iterative approach to development throughout the entire process, fixing bugs as they arise. However, as we are committed to delivering solutions of the highest quality, we also conduct rigorous quality assurance testing after the project is complete. During this testing process, our QA team essentially tries to break the application, identifying any issues and making adjustments accordingly.

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Once all issues have been resolved, we confidently deploy the solution to your personal servers. While this gives you full control of the software, our work is hardly done, as bugs will likely still arise at some point. But don’t worry, we offer robust post-release support options to help ensure your project continues functioning properly throughout its lifecycle.

Do you offer in-person consultations for businesses in Los Angeles?

As a remote business, we recommended online consultations; however, as a California-based agency, in-person consultations in Los Angeles are possible.

What local industries does Idea Maker specialize in?

We’ve worked with a variety of industries, including construction, real estate, marketing, aviation, fintech, healthcare, hospitality, and tourism.

How do you ensure timely delivery for clients?

We take care to thoroughly understand project requirements before beginning development. As a result, we’re aware of any difficulties we may encounter and can make appropriate considerations.

What support and maintenance services do you offer post-launch for businesses?

Depending on your budget and requirements, we can provide post-release support options of all levels, frombasic maintenance and uptime monitoring to full-scale support.