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Why Choose Idea Maker As Your Custom Game Development Company?

Ideamaker - Full Cycle Game Dev

Full-Cycle Game Development

From design to post-release support, our dedicated team provides full-cycle game development. Idea Maker is with you every step of the way, helping you to succeed in the gaming industry.

Ideamaker - Custom Game Design

Custom Game Design

At Idea Maker, we believe in making our customer’s vision come to life. That’s why our game development team offers custom design from concept to source code, ensuring your project meets its exact requirements.

Ideamaker - Cross-Platform Games

Cross-Platform Games

Our team of professional software developers have extensive expertise in Android and iOS cross-platform development. This means your product will be compatible across all mobile platforms, ensuring your creative ideas are available throughout the mobile games industry.

Ideamaker - 2D 3D Asset Production

2D & 3D Asset Production

Aside from intuitive game mechanics, what makes a project successful? Stunning graphics. Our development services include 2D and 3D asset production, along with smooth animation and striking visual effects, ensuring your game looks exactly how you imagine. 

Ideamaker - Different Genres

Different Genres

From role playing games to puzzles, whatever your project idea, Idea Maker will bring it to life. Our game developers work across multiple genres within the gaming industry, resulting in cross-platform games that suit your needs. 

Ideamaker - Robust QA Test Process

Robust QA Test Process

At Idea Maker, we follow a robust testing process with every game development project. Our game developers and QA engineers ensure the final product runs smoothly and without error.

Ideamaker - AR VR Game Dev

AR/VR Game Development

Augmented reality has quickly become a popular mobile game genre, along with virtual reality. Thanks to our high-quality asset production and access to major game development engines, we are able to integrate AR/VR with your project.

Ideamaker - Major Game Engine Dev

Major Game Engine Development

Our in-house team has extensive experience working with several major game development platforms, such as Unreal engine.  This means when creating games, we have access to a wide range of industry standard production resources, allowing us to deliver high quality projects.  

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