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The Client

Our client approached us looking for an advanced eLearning platform for use among their own client base, built on the Software-as-a-Service model. The platform needed to allow their clients to create, share, and sell courses to students while splitting the platform between three user types: operator, admin/clients, and students. ‘Operator’ being our client and ‘admin/client’ being theirs. Revenue earned from classes would be split between the operator and admin/client.

The Project

User Portals

In order to make this project work, satisfying all the needs of each user type (operator, admin/clients, students), three portals were needed, each with different permissions and roles. These accounts create a user hierarchy that enables the robust management of the site, its use cases, and revenue streams. The operator portal, for example, allows our clients to manage and monitor their admin user activity, who, in turn, can create courses and monitor their students.



As an eLearning platform, this project called for a complex class system that enabled the robust management of students while allowing them to complete courses seamlessly. This meant the implementation of video playback, live streaming capabilities, class attendance checks, certificates, group viewing, and content-related customer service. Together, these features satisfied the requirements of this advanced SaaS eLearning platform.


Admin Tokens

Our client needed a convenient way for their own clients to purchase class tokens that enable their students to enroll in courses. Implementing a token system meant that students didn’t have to purchase course access themselves or rely on a company credit card. Tokens could be purchased using the Stripe API and distributed to students how our client's customers saw fit.

Technical Difficulties

One of the biggest challenges we faced during this project was creating a solid administration system that allowed clients to purchase tokens and manage student accounts. This account type needed its own portal, permissions, and functionality while being manageable from a higher operator account. The complexity of each user type, specifically the administrators, made for a demanding hierarchical system.

The Solution

We created a unique firm administrator view that allowed our client’s high-level users to easily manage students with superuser permissions. This meant they could enroll students, see their progress, create courses, and buy class tokens directly from our client. Doing so involved allowing admins to view user events while giving our client the ability to invite new admins and change permissions.


Final Results

After working with the team at Idea Maker, our client now has a platform that satisfies all their requirements. They are now able to provide their clients with access to an advanced eLearning platform with an effective hierarchical structure. Here are just a handful of features we implemented on their platform.


Student Resource Library


Course Creation


Live Streaming Capabilities

User Portals


Course Paywalls


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