Intelligent SaaS Spreadsheet Processing, Data Input, and Management Application.

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SaaS Application Development


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Custom Software Development

The Client

Our client approached us looking to develop a sophisticated SaaS application capable of processing large volumes of Excel spreadsheets, files, and data. This would require an advanced database solution and a solid algorithm to decipher the information the platform was handed. Data security and transparent handling options were a high priority for this client. Needless to say, we made considerations to oblige their requirements.

The Project


Super-Admin Permissions

As proper data handling and solid security were at the forefront of our client’s minds, we implemented a super-admin account. The super-admin can view the platform's users and adjust their account permissions as necessary. This may include restricting the particular data users can see or upgrading their accounts, enabling them to manage processing tasks further.


PowerBI and Azure Integration

Microsoft PowerBi is one of the leading data visualization applications currently available, making it an obvious choice for high-level processing, along with Azure for data management. Together, the integration of PowerBI, Azure, and our own custom database development technology, has led to an intelligent platform capable of fulfilling our client's spreadsheet processing needs.


Data Importation and Processing

As a spreadsheet processing application, the platform needed solid data importation and processing capabilities. Our team was able to provide these requirements through the above-discussed considerations and the development of a complex algorithm.

Technical Difficulties

One of the main challenges we faced during development was the sheer length and scale of the project. As we progressed, we identified many new issues that needed to be solved. This, combined with the client’s continued need for post-development support, has led to this project ongoing. At certain times, this has led to a conflict of resources.

The Solution

The solution to us appeared simple: invest in the future of our company. That meant hiring new staff with strong expertise. As our team expanded, we were able to allocate more developers to this project while appropriately distributing our resources elsewhere. We employed several new developers, designers, and project managers.

People Unity

Final Results

After working with the team at Idea Maker, our client now has a platform that satisfies all their requirements. We were able to provide them with an advanced spreadsheet and data processing SaaS application based on solid technological foundations. Here are just a few features we included:


Data Vizualization


Super-Admin Portal


Reports View


Bulk Import Options

Automatic Spreadsheet Sorting

Email Automation

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