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What are the most commonly used languages and frameworks for developing websites and web apps?

All websites are based on HTML and PHP, whether they’re static sites or web apps. However, frameworks often used for web app development include Ruby, Django, and AngularJS.

What are the key considerations when developing a website?

When developing a website of any kind, it’s crucial for you to consider its user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). Poor UI/UX can lead to an increased website bounce rate and reduce its search engine rankings, making it less discoverable by web users.

How can I ensure that my website or web application is optimized for performance?

You should compress all images to below two megabytes and reduce the use of bloatware, such as unnecessary plugins.

What are the security considerations when developing web apps?

An SSL certificate should be installed, and website data should be encrypted. Additionally, you should research which cloud-storage providers are the most reliable so that user data is not stored on high-risk servers.

How can you determine whether you need a website or a web application?

Do you need functionality beyond a few buttons and a contact form? If so, then you need a web app.

How do websites and web applications differ in terms of functionality?

Websites have limited functionality, whereas web apps function much like desktop applications.

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